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Tips from our mental health experts

The Mental Moments Show was created by Royal Freemasons' Benevolent Institution (RFBI) in 2020 and this year worked with the Australian Aged Care Collaboration (ACCC) to bring you a bigger and better show! Throughout the show, we had mental health experts share their mental health advise and have left us with some amazing tips for our mental wellbeing. These bite-size videos are great for anyone to draw on to help support your mental health.

Dr. Hannah Korrel - Importance of gratitude

Dr. Hannah Korrel - Social connections for good mental health

Dr. Hannah Korrel - The role of pets in mental health

Dr. Hannah Korrel - Humour and sleep for good mental health

Dr. Hannah Korrel - Emotional bank balance

Dr. Hannah Korrel - Diet and exercise for good mental health

Dr. Hannah Korrel - Burnout in carers

Dr. Kim Singline - Investing in your mental health

Dr. Kim Singline - Mindfulness in the media content we consumer

Dr. Kim Singline - Importance of sleep

Caroline Webster - Self care strategies

Caroline Webster - Importance of mindfulness

Glenn Baird - Helping seeking behaviours

Lana Hall - Maintaining good mental health

Nahum Kozak - Routines support your mental health

Rachel Tomlinson - Impact of Covid on carers

Romy Kunitz - Tips to help you manage stress

Esma Voloder - Practise objective thinking

Esma Voloder - Spend time with yourself

Esma Voloder - Taking responsibility and building resilience

Esma Voloder - Practise mindfulness

Dr. Deirdre Brandner - Mental health tips

Dr. Deirdre Brandner - Importance of routine

Dr. Deidre Brandner - Sleep tips

Benetta Wainman - Coping with anxiety

Andi Lew - Stay well holistically

Amanda Webster - Managing mental health struggles

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