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As with our show last year, each show will include a variety of performances and entertainment for your enjoyment and recognise the valuable work aged care workers do to improve the lives of older people in their care.


We invite you to provide a message, maybe thanking the staff who make a difference to your life, or share how you care for yourself as inspiration for others on how they can maintain good mental health.

These messages will be placed on this website to all to view and may be included in our show.

We'd love to hear from you!  Submit a video message below to have it included in our show.

Just CLICK HERE to upload your file!


A guide to best capture your message:

  1. Shoot your video in LANDSCAPE mode (phone held longways), not portrait (phone held up and down)

  2. Keep your messages shot and sweet (preferable less than 60 seconds)

A couple of points to make your video submission look its best:

- Shoot the video in LANDSCAPE mode (phone held longways) not portrait (phone held up and down)

- Keep your message short and sweet - preferably less than 20 seconds.

- At the beginning of your message, tell us your name and where you are from so we can make sure we credit you properly.

Please note that all submissions become our property, and by uploading you give us permission to use your clip across any media.

Thanks for being involved!

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